NARCO Analysis: Tunisia's Counter Terrorism Challenge

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Daech, or the Islamic State, has claimed credit for the 24 November attack in Tunis that killed a dozen members of the Presidential Guard. This is the third high-profile Islamic State attack in Tunisia this year and proves that Tunisian security services still have a long way to go toward guaranteeing security in the country. There are some areas where Tunisia’s allies can help speed this process, but in others Tunisia is on its own.

Effective counterterrorism strategies have numerous facets, ranging from direct action to trying to counter the narratives that terrorist organizations use to recruit members and to justify their acts. Policing and intelligence are in between these two ends of the CT spectrum. And while Tunisia has stepped up its policing, which is relatively easy to do, its intelligence capabilities, which are significantly harder to develop, are lagging.

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