NARCO RoundUp (MAR2017)

Friday, April 7, 2017


This month, North Africa Risk Consulting introduces a new format* for the monthly NARCO RoundUp. The new NARCO RoundUp now features three analytic pieces on the top developments in North African Politics, Security and Oil. In addition, the new NARCO RoundUp also includes forecasts that give North Africa Risk Consulting’s clients a sense of what’s next. This month, we look at:

POLITICS: Curtains for the GNA in Libya

SECURITY: Between AQIM and the Islamic State

OIL: Algeria getting it together?

To request your copy of the March 2017 NARCO RoundUp, please click here and enter 201703 in the message field or email with 201703 in the subject line.


*A note on the formatting: the new NARCO RoundUp is back to basics. No bells. No whistles. Just analysis. That’s it. Know North Africa.


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