NARCO Analysis: Tunisia's Troubled Oil Sector

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

In 2013 I published a piece with SciencesPo’s Centre de recherches internationales (CERI) on what I called resource regionalism. At the time, I argued that there was a trend afoot in North Africa “where workers are disrupting the operations of extractive industries and demanding a greater share of the wealth that these industries produce. The governments of North African, Saharan, and Sahelian countries are constrained in their ability to respond to this new phenomenon and as a consequence, it appears that local communities’ willingness to actively struggle for a greater share of extractive industries revenue will be an enduring feature of the North African, Saharan, and Sahelian political and economic landscapes.”

The events of Tataouine in southern Tunisia in the last several days have borne out this thesis.

To read the entire NARCO Analysis: Tunisia's Troubled Oil Sector, please click here and type "20170523" in the message box.


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