NARCO RoundUp (JAN18)

Friday, January 26, 2018


It’s a new year, but some things just still remain the same. In fact, in some cases they are getting worse – Tunisia is lurching toward economic austerity and political authoritarianism; Libya’s political process is a shambles even as oil production inexplicably stabilizes at around 1.1mbpd. Algeria’s hanging on and is even starting to make some changes for the better. At least in the energy sector. Politics, not so much.


Algeria: All Aboard the Boutef Train
Libya: The US's MIA Libya Policy
Tunisia: Chahed in a Genuine Jam

Algeria: Algeria Goes Overseas (Sort of)
Libya: The Victim/Revenge Vortex
Tunisia: A Big Blow to AQIM

Algeria: Hydrocarbon Reform Law Front and Center
Libya: Bit by Bit by Bit?
Tunisia: Private Equity Picking Through the Scraps


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