NARCO RoundUp (APR18)

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Ramadan is fast upon us (رمضان كريم لجميع المسلمين) and things are starting to slow down but haven’t come to a complete halt yet. It’s a season of revival and return: politics is dynamic with Ouyahia hanging on in Algeria, Haftar coming back to Libya, and Mohamed VI to Morocco. The Islamic State is back also, especially in Libya. And so are oil prices, which has ramifications for Algeria and Libya. Morocco not so much.

Algeria: Ouyahia Lives to Fight Another Day
Libya: Haftar's Disappearing Act
Morocco: King Mohamed VI's Problematic Private Life

Algeria: AQ and IS Still Constrained in Algeria
Libya: The Islamic State Is Back
Morocco: The Sahara Heats Up

Algeria: Hitting the Iron While It's Hot
Libya: Libya's New (Rickety) Normal
Morocco: One of These Days

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