NARCO RoundUp (MAY18)

Thursday, June 14, 2018

May was actually a surprisingly busy month in North Africa despite it coinciding with Ramadan, when things typically slow down. Politics remain fluid in Algeria, Libya, and Mauritania. Security is still a paramount concern in Libya and Mauritania, but Algeria is finally starting to recognize IOC concerns. And speaking of IOCs, Mauritania is starting to bustle, Algeria is getting its act together. And Libya, well, it’s still Libya.


Algeria: Bouteflika’s Whipping Post

Libya: Elections Are Not Going to Happen

Mauritania: Imams and Oligarchs for MOAA


Algeria: SH Starts to Make Minor Concessions to IOCs

Libya: Here a VEO, There a VEO, Everywhere a VEO

Mauritania: No Bang Following Flash (Yet)


Algeria: Reform Proposals Possible by September

Libya: Oil Sector Power Struggles

Mauritania: Gran Tortue/Ahmeyim Inches Forward

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