NARCO RoundUp (JAN19)

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Back in the saddle again. With the exception of Libya (which remains unchanged), the political trajectory in North Africa is becoming clearer, especially in Algeria and Mauritania. To the extent that the security environment is evolving, it’s at the margins, with no major deltas on the horizon. And apart from Mauritania, where it’s relatively smooth sailing, the oil outlook is in a state of suspended animation: the much-anticipated Algerian hydrocarbons reform law is still in the offing, and tensions are building around Libya’s all-important Sharara field.

Algeria: Off to the Races
Libya: Dead in the Water
Mauritania: Game Over MOAA

Algeria: AQIM to Algeria: “Please Pay Attention to Us”
Libya: The Name of the Game
Mauritania: Continuity and Security

Algeria: Sonatrach Still Hustling
Libya: The NOC Tries to Avoid Moral Hazard
Mauritania: RMS Mauretania: Steady as She Goes

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