NARCO ANALYSIS: Algeria Replaces Top Cop (Again)

Thursday, February 14, 2019


By Geoff D. Porter

The NARCO hits just keep coming. Last time it was el Ghazouani in Mauritania. This time it’s el Habiri in Algeria.

Back on 28 June 2018, NARCO wrote in a CLOSEHOLD:

"[Recently fired DGSN Abdelghani] Hamel is being succeeded by Col. Lakhdar “Mustapha” El Habiri. Col. Habiri is an old mudjahid who was previously the head of Civil Protection. While he is well-liked and considered to be an accessible and humble man of action, he is also likely a stopgap.” (Emphasis added.)

After eight months on job, on 13 February 2019, el Habiri was removed from his post as Head of National Security (DGSN)...

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