NARCO RoundUp (APR19)

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Ramadan Mubarak! Despite the approach of the Holy Month when things tend to settle into a mellower and more contemplative rhythm, there is a lot going on in North Africa: Algeria is in the midst of a profound political transition, Libya is at war with itself, and Mauritania is preparing for the first democratic transition of presidential power in the country’s post-independence history. With the exception of the war in Libya, the security outlook is neutral. And with the exception of Mauritania, the hydrocarbons outlook is negative.

Algeria: Hirak at an Impasse
Libya: The GNA's Dying Days
Mauritania: Presidential Polls Approach

Algeria: So Far So Good
Libya: It's War
Mauritania: Still (Inexplicably) Stable

Algeria: Staid Is Back
Libya: 0kbpd by 4Q19
Mauritania: Presidential Politicking

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