NARCO RoundUp (MAY19)

Friday, May 31, 2019

Eid Mubarak! Rather than being the typically quiet Holy Month, North Africa was abuzz. Algerian demonstrators kept the pressure on the government, Libya’s civil war intensified, and Mauritania is making final elections preparations. On the hydrocarbons front, Mauritania is the most optimistic story, with Algeria facing a commercial crisis (entirely not of its own making), and Libya’s NOC is under acute threat. Looking forward to next month, NARCO does not see the pace of developments slowing and it’ll be the busiest summer in North Africa in years. Stay tuned.

Algeria: Elections or Not
Libya: Salame Throws in the Towel
Mauritania: Shifting Networks and Nodes

Algeria: Deteriorating Police-Community Relations
Libya: War Crimes and Arms Shipments
Mauritania: Nothing to Report

Algeria: Anadarko Out
Libya: The NOC Under Threat
Mauritania: Humming Right Along

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