NARCO Analysis January 2014 Part #1


Algeria was quiet over the holidays (with the exception of firecracker skirmishes this week celebrating the Prophet’s birthday), but the political scene may be getting more lively (or just the opposite) in the next couple of weeks. The last deadline for announcing presidential elections, which are anticipated for April, is Friday (or Saturday according to some sources). President Abdelaziz Bouteflika returned from yet another trip to Paris for medical reasons on 16 January just in time to allow him to authorize Algeria’s electoral body to launch the 90-day campaign season.

NARCO Analysis: There Are No Shoeshine Boys in Algeria


Parliamentary elections on 10 May have provided commentators with another occasion to discuss why Algeria did not have an “Arab Spring” like so many other countries in the Arabic-speaking world and to prognosticate about why Algerian voter participation rates are likely to be so low. Not one to pass up an opportunity to share NARCO's own views, below is the NARCO take on what is at play in Algeria.



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