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Some Algerian decisionmakers recognize that current circumstances present Algeria with unprecedented opportunities. In order to seize those opportunities, it needs to dispel the fantasies and fears that persist about Algeria and show that it is in many ways a normal country.

So, the legislative elections orchestrated by President Kais Saied on 17 December were a bust. 8% participation rate. Near total rejection of Saied’s power grab. No big surprise.But parallel to Tunisia’s descent into the political morass is an unfolding commercial calamity. Tunisia’s foreign direct investment is slowing to a trickle and is even showing signs of reversing.

Algeria is potentially planning an oil and gas licensing round for spring 2023. The timing might just be right for Algeria to knock the cover off the ball. Algeria’s last licensing round was in September 2014, and it was a massive flop. But that was years ago and a world away.

Someone has blown up the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines. Norway is deploying its Navy to protect offshore oil and gas installations. Worries about the vulnerability of the two-day old Baltic Pipe Project are increasing. And Algeria is sitting pretty.