NARCO RoundUp (DEC17)

Thursday, December 21, 2017


As 2017 winds down and 2018 gears up, NARCO takes a look back at what happened in Algeria, Libya, and Morocco last year and what’s likely to happen next year. Not surprisingly, there were no dramatic changes in trajectory in any of the three countries – with each pursuing foreseeable paths. Next year, though, “a change is gonna come” (the original of which was incidentally released 53 years ago tomorrow), and we could see meaningful developments in politics in Algeria and Libya, and hydrocarbons in Morocco.


Algeria: Down to the wire

Libya: Festering and adrift

Morocco: The return of the King


Algeria: Keep on keeping on

Libya: Not quite expanding, but definitely remaining

Morocco: The enemy only has to be right once


Algeria: Better, stronger, and faster

Libya: All the low-hanging fruit has been plucked

Morocco: Moroccan shale gas next year?


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