NARCO RoundUp (OCT19)

Friday, November 1, 2019

Happy Halloween, Toussaint, and Algerian Independence Day! There were no real changes in Algeria, Libya, or Mauritania’s trajectories over the last month. Algeria is still betwixt and between (with some potential hydrocarbons movement), Libya is still at war, and Mauritania has successfully managed its political transition and hydrocarbons are chugging nicely along. Next month, however, will be different. Algeria prepares for presidential elections, Libya enters the eighth month of civil war, and Mauritania’s president marks 100 days in office.

Algeria: Elections and Demonstrations
Libya: Berlin Overblown
Mauritania: Ghazouani Makes His Mark

Algeria: Much Ado About Not Much
Libya: Hammering the Islamic State
Mauritania: Getting Better and Better

Algeria: A New Hydrocarbon Law
Libya: North Africa Risk Consulting Eats Crow
Mauritania: Keep On Keeping On

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