NARCO ANALYSIS: Maghreb Diplomacy Developments

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

By Geoff D. Porter

The last year has been flush with furtive diplomacy in the Maghreb. Over the last 10 months, there have been myriad diplomatic developments that are changing (or perhaps merely clarifying) the relationship among Maghreb countries, and between Europe and North Africa. Moroccan and Algerian foreign affairs are the most dynamic they have been in years.

To paraphrase R. Stephen Humphreys in Between Memory and Desire, understanding countries’ policies requires understanding their past experiences and their future ambitions. This is true of what is motivating Moroccan and Algerian foreign policy choices in the last year. Rabat and Algiers’ different memories and desires results in different foreign policies, with differing implications for their relations with one another and each of their relations with countries north of the Mediterranean.

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