NARCO Analysis, NARCO CLOSEHOLDs and the monthly NARCO RoundUp are available with a subscription. NARCO subscriptions can be augmented with other NARCO services or as a standalone deliverable.

NARCO Analysis is periodic analysis of significant events that impact the political, security and investment environment in any given North Africa country. The trigger for a NARCO Analysis is whether the event in question represents a delta in the country's political or security trajectory.

NARCO CLOSEHOLDs address more sensitive issues regarding political, security, and investment developments that directly effect known stakeholders.

NARCO RoundUp is a monthly overview of key political, security, and oil and gas developments in any three of the five North African countries. NARCO RoundUps always include Algeria and Libya and alternate among Morocco, Tunisia, and Mauritania as events merit.

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NARCO CLOSEHOLD is timely, actionable analysis derived from discreet sources. NARCO CLOSEHOLDs are crafted as events merit. They are available to NARCO's subscription and retainer clients and on a case-by-case basis.

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