NARCO recognizes that clients' interests in North Africa differ according to their exposure. NARCO provides a range of services including a basic subscription service, tailored reports for tier-one clients, regular in-person briefings, market-entry advisory services, and real-time downrange crisis communications.


NARCO Analysis, NARCO CLOSEHOLDs and the monthly NARCO RoundUp are available with a subscription.

Tailored Reports

NARCO offers tailored analysis reports to clients with country specific needs.

In-person Briefings

NARCO is available for in-person briefings and conference calls.

Crisis Communications

NARCO able to intervene on its clients' behalf in certain geographies and under certain circumstances.

Market Entry Support

NARCO offers market entry services to introduce clients to a wide-range of industry stakeholders and decision-makers.


NARCO CLOSEHOLD is timely, actionable analysis derived from discreet sources. NARCO CLOSEHOLDs are crafted as events merit. They are available to NARCO's subscription and retainer clients and on a case-by-case basis.

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