NARCO RoundUp (FEB20)


Of all the years to have an extra day it had to be 2020. Algeria’s Hirak marked its first anniversary. It’s still going strong, but it’s not clear where it’s going. Libya is war, war, and more war. And Mauritania is moving definitively into a new(er) political era.

NARCO CLOSEHOLD: Time to Pay the Piper in Mauritania


Pressure is mounting on former Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz and his network of associates in the commercial sector. After nearly a decade getting richer and richer, time’s drawing nigh to pay the piper.

NARCO CLOSEHOLD: Yet Again in Algeria


Yet again Algeria’s state-owned energy mastodon has a new CEO. The 11th in 10 years for everyone keeping count. On 5 February, Kamel Eddine Chikhi, in the chair since November 2019, was replaced by Toufik Hakkar.

NARCO RoundUp (JAN20)


Algeria is out of the woods, at least politically. Economically, not so much. Libya is worse in all categories. And Mauritania is settling into a new post-Aziz rhythm.

NARCO ANALYSIS: Solving for X, Y, and DZ


The stultifying miasma of political risk that enshrouded Algeria for most of 2019 is gone. The pre-Hirak political system has seemingly crossed the Rubicon.

NARCO ANALYSIS: Hirak's Last Hoorah


Three more days until Algeria’s contentious presidential election. The mood hangs heavy, urgent, resigned, and relieved...

NARCO RoundUp (NOV19)


The NARCO RoundUp has a newer, fresher (and less retro) format, but still the same pithy content and analysis. No fluff. No filler. Enjoy the new NARCO look. Your feedback is always appreciated!

NARCO REPORT: Algeria's State of Play, Stakeholders, Trajectories, and Implications for the Oil & Gas Sector


North Africa Risk Consulting is now offering a new report examining the state of play in Algeria, new stakeholders, future trajectories, and implications for the hydrocarbons sector under a new presidential administration.

NARCO ANALYSIS: Algeria's New Hydrocarbons Law & New Oil Boss


Algeria has a new hydrocarbons law and Sonatrach has a new CEO. NARCO readily acknowledges when it’s been wrong, and the flip side of that (however unbecoming) is taking victory laps when it’s right...

NARCO RoundUp (OCT19)


Happy Halloween, Toussaint, and Algerian Independence Day! There were no real changes in Algeria, Libya, or Mauritania’s trajectories over the last month. Next month, however, will be different. Algeria prepares for presidential elections, Libya enters the eighth month of civil war, and Mauritania’s president marks 100 days in office.



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